Payroll Outsourcing

  • outsourcing means external payroll processing outside your company
  • we will take over your agenda for payroll processing and payment of dues including the liabilities associated with it and the responsibility for processing the data
  • your company provides only the necessary information for payroll calculation (completed attendance, provided vouchers, kilometrage of the company vehicle, etc.)
  • we will send a discreet payroll slips to you or directly to your staff
  • according to agreed terms will we send you everything by courier, post or even personal deliver
  • we will ensure transfer of all your related payments in time and on correct accounts
  • we use electronic banking and moderns methods of data transfer
  • we will send you a monthly payroll recapitulation
  • you will have rosters of your monthly costs, social and health insurance contributions, tax withholding, provided sickness benefits and tax bonuses
  • we are able to prepare your internal accounting document with the possibility of links to you economic system (links possibility: Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, NICORN, AES, SAP, etc.) according to your requirements
  • we can process payroll according to the different components: the centres, activities, contracts, percentage formulation, by irregular working hours - part-time jobs, irregular jobs and irregular schedules
  • we provide an annual settlement of taxes and we will send you this calculation for each one of your employees
  • we will prepare tax returns from dependent activity and functional benefits and settlement of tax withheld for you
  • we will communicate with your authorities – we will register or deregister your employees in time and we will send a monthly report to your insurance company
  • we will work up the statistical statements in the area of labour and wages for you

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